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Nystatin is a polyene medication that works by binding ergosterol and forming membrane pores in the fungus it is treating. It is used for treating candidiasis, and is administered for topical infections because it is too toxic for systemic administration. Nystatin works in the same mechanism as amphotericin B.

Nystatin is recommended for use against various forms of candidiasis, as this fungus responds well to this medication.


Nystatin is indicated for use against yeast infections, or vaginal candidiasis.


Oral nystatin is used to treat thrush, or oral candidiasis. It can also be given prophylactically in patients with AIDS or low CD4+ counts.


This medication can be administered for cutaneous fungus, or thrush infections.


This medication is a polyene, meaning that it binds to ergosterol and forms membrane pores.

Binds Ergosterol
Binding to Eggo-stairs

The mechanism of nystatin's action is that it binds ergosterol, which is a unique component of fungal cell membranes.

Forms Membrane Pores
Membrane Holes

After binding to the ergosterol component of the cell membrane, this drug forms membrane pores, allowing leakage of electrolytes, ultimately destroying the fungal cell.

Topical form of Amphotericin B
Topically applying Amphibian-terminator (B) Bee

This medication is a polyene, and shares the same mechanism and function as amphotericin B. Nystatin, however is too toxic for systemic use, and works well with cutaneous and topical infections.


Patients taking this medication can have hypersensitivity reactions, and rashes. Serious reactions can manifest as Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

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