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Griseofulvin is an oral antifungal medication used to treat infections of the skin. It can be used for ringworm and tinea infections but has several side effects. These include headache, confusion, teratogenic effects and inducing cytochrome P450.
Disrupts Microtubules in Mitosis
Breaking Microtubules on Mitt-toes

This drug interferes with mitotic spindle synthesis by binding to tubulin and disrupting microtubule formation in fungal cells.

Antifungal for Superficial Infections
Ant-tie-fun-guy with Infected Super-fish

Griseofulvin is an antifungal used against superficial infections, such as ringworm or tinea. It is reserved for infections affecting the nail, hair or large body surfaces.

Tinea and Ringworm
Tennis shoes and Ring-worm

This medication inhibits dermatophytes, which may cause ringworm or tinea. Griseofulvin can be used for all tineas, such as cruris, pedis, capitis and corporis (ringworm).


Griseofulvin is a teratogen and should not be given to expecting mothers.

P450 Inducer
Pea 450 Inducer-rocket

This medication is a cytochrome P450 inducer, and can increase the metabolism of (and decrease effectiveness of) several medications, such as OCPs.


Confusion is a common side effect of this medication.


Among the several non-specific symptoms patients can complain of, headache is one of the most common and is seen in roughly 15% of patients.

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