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Inhibits Late Sodium Current
Late-moon Salt-shaker Inhibiting-chains

Ranolazine reduces oxygen consumption by inhibiting the late inward sodium current in cardiac cells and reducing intracellular calcium overload. This will result in a decrease in left ventricular diastolic tension. As a result, coronary blood flow improved.

No Effect on Heart Rate or Blood Pressure
No effect-sign Timer Heart-rate-timer and BP-cuff

Ranolazine's action does not depend upon reductions in heart rate or blood pressure.

Prevents Calcium Overload
Prevented Calcium-cow Overloaded

Cellular calcium overload contributes to the impairment of the left ventricle due to myocardial ischemia. Ranolazine helps to prevent calcium overload in this process.

Refractory Angina
Ref-factory Angel

Ranolazine can be used as a second-line agent for refractory angina alongside other common anti-angina drugs such as beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, and or nitrites. It is used to treat chronic angina.


Ranolazine can cause dose-dependent dizziness. It is the most common side effect which can present in more than 4% of treated patients.


Ranolazine can cause dose-dependent headaches. It is the most common side effect which can present in more than 4% of treated patients.


Ranolazine can cause dose-dependent nausea and vomiting.

Corked Con-toilet

Constipation can occur as a side effect of Ranolazine.

QT Interval Prolongation
QT-heart Prolonged

QT prolongation can occur in patients taking Ranolazine. It is associated with a high dose, the use of QT prolongation drugs, extended exposure, personal or family history of congenital long QT syndrome, and potassium channel variants causing a prolonged QT interval.


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