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Medicine (MD/DO)
Anatomy & Embryology
Upper Extremity Muscles

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Anatomy & Embryology | Medicine (MD/DO) School Study Aid

Upper Extremity Muscles
4 Picmonics to Learn | 7 mins
Hand Muscles
Opponens Pollicis
Abductor Pollicis Brevis
Flexor Pollicis Brevis
Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis
Abductor Digiti Minimi Brevis
Opponens Digiti Minimi
Interossei (Palmar and Dorsal)
Palmaris Brevis
Adductor Pollicis
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2 mins
Rotator Cuff
External Rotation
Teres Minor
Internal Rotation
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1 min
Upper Limb - Arm Muscles
Anterior Superficial Muscles
Biceps Brachii
Anterior Deep Muscles
Posterior Superficial Muscles
Long Head of Triceps Brachii
Lateral Head of Triceps Brachii
Posterior Deep Muscles
Medial Head of Triceps Brachii
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2 mins
Upper Limb - Anterior Forearm Muscles
Superficial Muscles
Pronator Teres
Palmaris Longus
Flexor Carpi Radialis
Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
Intermediate Muscles
Flexor Digitorum Superficialis
Deep Muscles
Flexor Pollicis Longus
Flexor Digitorum Profundus
Pronator Quadratus
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2 mins

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