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Disease Prevention Stages

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Disease Prevention Stages

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Disease Prevention Stages

Diseased-guy P-vent Stage
Primordial-primitive with a (1) Wand

The earliest prevention stage of the disease is primordial. It targets the social condition that promotes disease onset, for example, making safe sidewalks to facilitate physical activity for people.

Target Social Conditions
Target Social-book

The primordial prevention stage aims to target social conditions.

(1) Wand

Primary prevention is aiming to prevent disease before it occurs. Healthy people are the target population. Examples include activities that reduce the exposure from the cause or increase the immunity capability (e.g., COVID-19 vaccination).

Prevent Disease in Healthy Individuals
P-vent Healthy-smile

Primary prevention aims to prevent disease in healthy individuals.

(2) Tutu

Secondary prevention is aiming to screen early for disease. Healthy people with subclinical features of the disease are the target population. Examples include a Pap smear to screen for cervical cancer.

Screen Healthy-Appearing Individuals
Screen-door Healthy-smile

Secondary prevention aims at screening healthy-appearing individuals.

(3) Tree

Tertiary prevention is aiming to treat disease to reduce the severity of the disease and its complications. Symptomatic people with the disease are the target population. Examples include rehabilitation and chemotherapy.

Treatment of Patients with Disease
Treat Diseased-guy

Tertiary prevention aims at the treatment of patients with the disease.

(4) Fork

Quaternary prevention aims to avoid (quit) overmedicalization to reduce unnecessary medical interventions that are more harmful than their benefit. Patients with illness but without a disease are the target population. Examples include preventing polypharmacy and unnecessary imaging studies.

Prevent Overtreatment
P-vent Overtreats

Quaternary aims to prevent overtreatment in managing disease.


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