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Functionalism is a theory that compares society to the human body, in an "organic analogy." Viewing society as an entire system, functionalists study the parts of society together, in a macro sociological perspective. It has a static view of society, believing that the status quo must be maintained for all parts of society to work. Furthermore, this theory believes that people who engage in social protest to effect change are threats to the state of balance.
Big Macro

Functionalism is considered a macro sociological perspective, as its unit of analysis is the system as a whole.

Status Quo Must be Maintained
Status Co. must be protected

Functionalism suggests that things must remain as they are, in a static view of society. "The status quo must be maintained" in order for all of societies parts to work together.

Social Protesters Seen as Threat
Threatened by Social Protesters

This sociological theory sees people or groups who engage in social protest as threats to the state of balance in the system. An example of this is Robin Hood, who was a threat to the status quo he was a part of.


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