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7 Picmonics to Learn | 8 mins
Behavioral/Learning Perspective of Human Behavior
Study of behavior in most observeable, measureable, and objective ways possible
Applied Behavior Analysis
Affecting behavior through control of the environment
Vicarious learning
Learning how to act by watching others
Social learning Theory
Personality is learned through observations of the environment
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2 mins
Biological Perspective of Human Behavior
Biology Determines Behavior
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33 secs
Cognitive Perspective of Human Behavior
The way humans think about the world around them
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54 secs
Humanistic Perspective of Human Behavior
People can make positive decisions about their own life
Everyone can achieve their full potential and healthy functioning
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42 secs
Perspectives of Human Behavior (Overview)
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2 mins
Psychodynamic Perspective of Human Behavior
The unconscious contains desires that affect what we do
id, ego, and superego
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1 min
Social/Cultural Perspective of Human Behavior
Behavior is influenced by Social and Cultural forces
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51 secs

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