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Biochemistry and Genetics | Pre-Health School Study Aid

Cellular Reproduction
5 Picmonics to Learn | 13 mins

Cell Cycle Phases
G0 Phase
Growth Arrest
G1 Phase
G1 Check By Rb And p53
S Phase
DNA Mismatch Repair
DNA Synthesis
G2 Phase
G2 Check
M Phase
Mitosis And Cytokinesis
3 mins
Meiosis I
Prophase I
Centrioles Migrate
Spindle Apparatus Forms
Nuclear Membrane Disintegrates
Metaphase I
Microtubules Extend from Centrioles Spindle
Spindle Fibers Attach to Centromere
Fused at Kinetochore
Randomly Align at Metaphase Plate
Anaphase I
Spindle Microtubules from Centrioles Split Pairs
Tetrad Splits into 2 Sister Chromatid Pairs
Telophase I
Cytokinesis Divides Cell
3 mins
Meiosis II
Prophase II
Centrioles Migrate
Spindle Apparatus Forms
Nuclear Membrane Disintegrates
Metaphase II
Sister Chromatids Align at Metaphase Plate
Anaphase II
Sister Chromatids Pulled Apart Into Two
Telophase II
Cytokinesis Divides Cells
4 Haploid Daughter Cells
2 mins
Primary Oocytes From Birth
Meiosis I Once a Month
Secondary Oocyte Plus Polar Body
Frozen in Metaphase II, in Meiosis II
Fertilization by Sperm
Meiosis II
Zygote Forms
2 mins
Seminiferous Tubules
Sertoli Cells
Primary Spermatocyte
Meiosis I
Secondary Spermatocyte
Meiosis II
2 mins

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