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Hypertension Intervention

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Hypertension Intervention

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Hypertension Intervention

Hiker-BP with Interventions
High blood pressure can be treated in a variety of ways. Lifestyle changes can sometimes be the hardest for patients to change, but can be the most effective treatment. Medications can be used temporarily until lifestyle changes occur or be used chronically depending on the cause.
Weight Reduction and Exercise
Skinny with Baggy-pants on Treadmill

Exercise and weight reduction typically go hand in hand with diet changes. Educate the patient on the importance of staying active and within their weight range.

Diet Changes
Diet Changed by Delta

Depending on the cause of the hypertension and the health condition of the patient, a special diet might be prescribed by the provider. Educate the patient on reducing salt intake, restrict fatty or greasy foods, and avoid alcohol. Other restrictions could apply, and the patient should discuss diet with their provider.

Relaxation Techniques

High blood pressure can be elevated by chronic stress and anxiety. Help the patient find a relaxation technique that works to help lower their blood pressure by this route.

Smoking Cessation
No Smoking Sign

Patients that smoke are at a high risk for developing different forms of artery disease and hypertension. It is important to give these patients resources to help them quit their smoking habit, and encourage the patient to quit.


Medications are often prescribed to aid in the treatment of hypertension. This may include the use of diuretics, calcium channel blockers, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, or Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARBs).

Encourage Self Monitoring

Self-monitoring and keeping a journal of daily blood pressure readings help the provider manage medication levels. It also puts a level of accountability in the patient’s hands to monitor their health.


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