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Marijuana Intoxication Assessment

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Marijuana Intoxication Assessment

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Marijuana Intoxication Assessment

Mary-Jane with Toxic-green-glow and Assess-man
Marijuana is a widely used form of cannabis that causes central nervous system (CNS) depression. Cannabis depresses the higher brain centers and release lower centers from inhibitory influences. Although marijuana has shown to be an effective treatment for relieving nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy, this controlled substance has a high likelihood of being abused. Symptoms of marijuana abuse include euphoria, anxiety, and slowed reaction time. Other assessment findings include increased appetite and red eyes. The individual abusing marijuana may experience paranoid delusions and social withdrawal.

By stimulating the brain cells to release dopamine, marijuana causes feelings of euphoria. Marijuana smoked or inhaled leads to almost immediate feelings of euphoria. Ingesting marijuana in food takes a longer time to feel the effects of euphoria.

Slowed Reaction Time
Snail Reacting Slowly

Marijuana may lead to slowed reaction time and a decreased perception of time. The individual may demonstrate impaired balance, coordination, and judgment. In addition, the individual may also have difficulty concentration and a decreased interest in completing tasks.

Conjunctival Injection
Red Convict-eyes

Marijuana helps decrease intraocular pressure but may result in conjunctival injection. Conjunctival injection is symptoms of redness in the white sclera of the eye. Users may have red, blurry, bloodshot eyes.

Increased Appetite
Up-arrow Appetite

Consuming marijuana may lead to an increased appetite known as the "munchies." Users may also experience dry mouth.


Marijuana may cause anxiety and panic attacks. The individual may experience tachycardia.

Social Withdrawal
Withdrawal from Social-book

Individuals who abuse marijuana may feel depressed or extremely tired. They may be socially withdrawn and become distant with their family, school community, work environment, and recreational activities.

Paranoid Delusions
Pear-nude and Doll-illusionists

Marijuana abuse may cause paranoid delusions including hallucinations, panic, and fear. Some individuals experience heightened sensory perception, such as colors appearing more vivid and noises being louder.


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