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Dependent Personality Disorder

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Dependent Personality Disorder

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Dependent Personality Disorder

Depends Purse-onality Disordered
Dependent personality disorder is characterized by behaviors demonstrating an excessive need to be taken care of. People with this disorder fear separation and are submissive to others. They have difficulty making their own decisions and have an exaggerated fear of being unable to take care of themselves. Since they are uncomfortable being alone, they urgently seek new relationships after breakups. They have difficulty initiating new projects and disagreeing with others. To obtain a sense of comfort, they will go through excessive lengths to be nurtured by others.
Difficulty Making Own Decisions
Can't make D-decision

Individuals with dependent personality disorder have difficulty making their own decisions. Their lack of self-confidence is evident through their posture, voice, and mannerisms. They have feelings of low self-worth and avoid positions involving responsibility and decision-making.

Uncomfortable Being Alone
Under-comforter when Alone

When alone, people with dependent personality disorder are uncomfortable and feel helpless. They may experience feelings of pessimism, discouragement, and dejection. Since other people may not be aware of these feelings, individuals with dependent personality disorder are alone while experiencing these thoughts.

Urgently Seeks New Relationships After Breakups
Seeking New Relationship after Breakup

After a breakup, an individual with dependent personality disorder will feel helpless and incapable of caring for themselves. They may hastily seek a new relationship to obtain nurturance and guidance from another person. They underestimate their own attractiveness. Dependent personality disorder is more common in women than in men.

Allow Others to Make Decisions
Other person making D-decision

Individuals with dependent personality disorder have a tendency to allow others to make decisions for them. These include major life decisions as well as minor decisions. They tend to be passive and oblige to the desires of others.

Exaggerated Fear of Being Unable to Care for Self
Fearful of Caring for Self

They have an exaggerated fear of being unable to care for themselves. In order to gain the acceptance of others, they will demean themselves. They will hastily seek a new relationship after a breakup since they don't believe they are capable to take care for themselves.

Difficulty Expressing Disagreement
Can't show Expression of Disagreement

Individuals with dependent personality disorder have difficulty in expressing disagreement because they fear the loss of other's support or approval. They act submissively to maintain their relationships and are easily hurt by criticism.

Difficulty Starting New Projects
Breaking Project

Due to their lack of self-confidence, they experience difficulty initiating new projects. They underestimate their own achievements and potential for success. They avoid positions involving responsibility and are sensitive to criticism.

Excessive Lengths to Obtain Nurturance
Circling Globe to be Nurtured

People with dependent personality disorder go through excessive lengths to obtain nurturance from others. They tolerate mistreatment by others and avoid disagreements to prevent losing support. They are overly generous in order to gain the approval of others.


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