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Triglycerides Lab Value

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Triglycerides Lab Value

Triceratops with Test-tubes
Triglycerides are comprised of a mixture of fatty acids. The patient must fast (except for water) at least 12 hours prior to drawing blood for determining triglyceride levels. Instruct the patient to avoid alcohol at least 24 hours before testing. Factors that elevate triglyceride levels include excessive alcohol consumption, high intake of refined carbohydrates and simple sugars, and lack of physical activity.
< 150 mg/dL
< (100) Dollar-bill and (50) Cent

A triglyceride level of <150 mg/dL is considered within normal limits. Certain conditions, such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, elevate triglyceride levels. Hypothyroidism and liver disease also increase triglyceride levels. Malnutrition causes low triglyceride levels. An elevated triglyceride level is a risk factor for atherosclerosis.


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