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Registered Nurse (RN)
Environmental Emergencies

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Pathology | Registered Nurse (RN) School Study Aid

Environmental Emergencies
4 Picmonics to Learn | 12 mins
Stages of Hypothermia
32 to 35°C (90 to 95°F)
28 to 32°C (82 to 90°F)
Obvious Motor Impairment
Slowed Thinking
< 28°C (< 82°F)
Shivering Stops
Paradoxical Undressing
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3 mins
Hypothermia Interventions
Remove From Environment
Remove Wet Clothing
Passive Rewarming
Warm Clothing
Active Rewarming
Heated Blankets
Warm IV Solutions
Heated Oxygen
Warm Gastric Lavage
Warm Trunk BEFORE Extremities
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2 mins
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for Adults
Steps Before CPR
Scan Scene
Activate Emergency Response System
Check For Breathing (Max 10 Seconds)
Open Airway
Compressions, Airway, Breathing (CAB)
Compressions: 2 Inches Deep (100-120 Compressions/Min)
Airway: Ensure Airway is Still Open
Breathing: Administer 2 Rescue Breaths
Repeat C-A-B Sequence (30:2) Until Help Arrives
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3 mins
Airway, Breathing, Circulation (ABC's)
Airway Assessment
Changed Sound of Voice
"See-saw" Respirations
Breathing Assessment
Normal Respiratory Rate: 12–20 Breaths/Min
Use of Accessory Muscles in Respiration
Circulation Assessment
Color of Hands and Digits
Normal Capillary Refill Time (CRT): 2 Seconds
Decreased LOC
Initial ‘Look, Listen and Feel” Assessment
Emergency Treatment
Prioritization in Exam Questions
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5 mins

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