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Thyroid Disorders
Hypothyroidism Intervention

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Hypothyroidism Intervention

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Hypothyroidism Intervention

Hippo-thigh-droid Interventions
The goal for treating patients with hypothyroidism is to bring the TSH and T4 back to a normal range and to alleviate symptoms. Patients will be on medication for life. Extensive education needs to be done on medication side effects and possible consequences of not taking the medication.
Levothyroxine (Synthroid)

Thyroid medication should be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach. Levothyroxine is synthetic T4 and is a common medication prescribed to a patient with hypothyroidism.

Liothyronine (Cytomel)

Liothyronine is a synthetic T3 hormone. Liothyronine differs from levothyroxine by having a shorter half-life, more rapid onset, and is more expensive. For this reason liothyronine is used when rapid results are needed.

Myxedema Coma
Mixing-edamame with Comb

This is a medical emergency. Untreated progression of hypothyroidism can result in an impairment of consciousness or coma. Patients become severely hypotensive, have subnormal temperature, and have a decreased respiratory drive. IV thyroid hormone therapy is given to reverse these changes.

Lifelong Replacement Hormone
Lifelong-commitment Harmonica

There is no cure for patients with hypothyroidism. Management of symptoms with thyroid hormone therapy will be lifelong with routine blood work to make sure medication adjustments do not need to take place.

Monitor Vital Signs
Vitals Monitor

Stress, infection, new prescribed drugs, or trauma can all create a change with the thyroid and replacement hormone therapy. Patients and healthcare professionals need to monitor vital signs closely for changes and confirm normal values.

Fluids and Fiber
Fluid and Fiber-box

A high intake of water and fiber is recommended to prevent constipation and promote regular bowel movements.

Low Calorie, Low Fat Diet
Low Pancakes and Low Bacon

Due to the decrease in the body’s metabolic process, patients are encouraged to eat low calorie and low fat diets.

Medication Education
Medication Educator

Patients should be educated on common side effects and to take medications as prescribed. If a dose is missed the patient can take the missed dose as soon as possible. It is also recommended that patients do not switch between brand names or generic formulations as the body is sensitive to thyroid medications. If a switch is needed, then follow-up lab work will be needed to check efficacy.

No Switching Brands
No different Brands

The body is very sensitive when it comes to thyroid medications. It is recommended that patients do not switch between brand names or generic formulations. If a switch is needed, then follow-up lab work will be needed to check efficacy.


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