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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Marshmallow's Hierarchical-pyramid of Needs
Maslow Hierarchy of Needs is a way for nurses to understand the needs of a patient. Some needs will need to be address before other needs can be fulfilled. Example would be that a nurse needs to address a patient’s physiological needs before love and belonging. It is important to understand that Maslow’s Hierarchy is a basis for nursing care and strict adherence to the order may change with each patient.
Oxygen, Water, Nutrition
O2 Tank, Water-bottle, and Nutritional-pyramid

These physiological elements are needed for the body to survive and help determine one’s level of health.

Body temperature, Elimination, Shelter, Sexual Expression
Thermometer, Toilet, Tent, and Sexy-magazine

Regulating one's temperature, eliminating appropriately, having adequate shelter, and adequate sexual expression help advance one's journey up the Hierarchy.

Physical Safety
Physical Safety-shield

The ability to avoid harm or injury creates a feeling of comfort.

Physiological Safety
Organ-function Shield

Physiological safety does not just pertain to our bodily systems working together and keeping one safe, but other systems, such as law, stability, order, and freedom from fear.

Affection and Companionship
Affectionate-kiss and Companions

Needs are for giving and receiving love to create satisfactory interpersonal relationships.

Self Respect and Respect for Others
Respectfully-bowing to Self and Respectfully-bowing to Others

The individual works to achieve success and recognition in work and desires prestige from accomplishments.

Finding Fullfillment as a Filling-s'more

Fulfillment stems from achieving accomplishments set by the individual. However, this need cannot fully be met until previous needs have been mastered.


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