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5 Rights of Delegation

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5 Rights of Delegation

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5 Rights of Delegation

The 5 Right-answers host with Delegation-baton
The 5 rights of delegation serve to guide appropriate transfer of responsibility for the performance of an activity or task to another person. These "rights" are defined as having the right task, right circumstance, right person, right direction/communication, and right supervision/evaluation.
Right Task
Right-answer Task

The "Right Task" is one that is delegated for a specific patient such as tasks that require little supervision, are repetitive, noninvasive, and have predictable results with minimal risk involved.

Right Circumstance
Right-answer Circumstance

One should consider the patient setting, available resources, and other relevant factors before delegating a task.

Right Person
Right-answer Person

The "Right Person" describes delegating the appropriate tasks to the right healthcare person to be performed on the correct patient.

Right Direction/Communication
Right-answer Direction/Communication

Consider the "4 C's" when giving direction and communicating, which includes clear, concise, complete, and correct information. This should also include the objective, limits, and expectation of the task at hand.

Right Supervision/Evaluation
Right-answer Supervision/Evaluation

Provide appropriate monitoring and evaluation as well as intervention and feedback as needed.


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