Biology (by CoursePics)
Evolution Principles

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Biology (by CoursePics) | School Study Aid

Evolution Principles
7 Picmonics to Learn | 14 mins
Types of Natural Selection
The Winner
Passing on of Genetic Traits
Dominant Traits More Prevalent
Directional Selection
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1 min
Genetic Drift and Founder Effect
Catastrophic Events
Genetic Drift
Founder Effect
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3 mins
Sexual Selection and Artificial Selection
Sexual Selection
Artificial Selection
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2 mins
Stabilizing Selection & Diversifying Selection
Natural Selection
Diversifying Selection
Stabilizing Selection
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2 mins
Specification: Allopatric and Sympatric Specification
Sympatric Speciation
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2 mins
Prezygotic Barriers
Divergent Breeding Seasons
Temporal Isolation
Gametic Isolation
Mechanical Isolation
Behavioral Isolation
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2 mins
Postzygotic Barriers
Hybrid Inviability
Abnormal Zygote
Successful Evasion of Barriers
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2 mins

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