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Law Pilot Picmonics

The Breaking
Breaking Not Required
Constructive Breaking: By Fraud, Deception or Threat of Force
Of the Dwelling
Of Another
In the Nighttime
Can be Daytime
With the Intent to Commit a Felony Therein
Intent formed After Entry REQUIRES Additional Entry
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Arson (Common Law)
Malicious (Intent or Extreme Recklessness)
Of Another
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The Malicious (Intent or Extreme Recklessness)
Intentional Action with Substantial Risk of Burning
Charring, Damage to Structure Must Occur
Of the Dwelling
Virtually Any Structure
Of Another
Own Structure
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2 mins
Land Possessor Liability: Injury to Plaintiff
Injury from Conduct of Persons on Land
Artificial Conditions
Injury from Circumstances Created by Persons on Land
Natural Conditions
Injury from Circumstances Not Created by Persons, but Existing on Land
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2 mins
Land Possessor Liability: Status of Plaintiff
Without Permission
Child Trespasser
Enters with Permission, Not for Benefit of Land Possessor
Examples are Family, Social guests, and Door-to-door Salesmen
Enters with Permission, for Benefit of Land Possessor
Examples are Customers, Delivery Persons, and Professional service workers
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3 mins
Land Possessor Liability: Status and Duty
Duty to Inspect land, Warn of Dangers, and Make Safe
Duty to Discover Licensee on Land
Duty to warn of Known Dangers, Artificial and Natural Conditions
Trespasser Known
Duty to warn of Known Dangers, except for Obvious natural conditions
Trespasser Unknown
No Duty
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