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P&P 1- Unit VIII

Urine Specific Gravity Lab Value
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1 min
Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms
More Common in Elderly
Most Common in Females and Babies
Change in LOC
Urethral Infection
Smelly Urine
Dark Cloudy Urine
Frequency of Urination
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2 mins
Urinary Tract Infection Prevention and Treatment
Shower after Sex
Urinate after Sex
Wipe front to Back
Treatments and Considerations
I and Os with Daily Weights
Increase Water Intake
Avoid Caffeine
Dr Appointment in 2 Weeks
Void every 2 - 4 hours
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2 mins
Enema Administration
Tap Water/Soapsuds
Normal Saline
Hypertonic Solution
Oil Retention
Procedure Education
Wear PPE
Put Patient in Sims Position
Insert Tip
Start Flow Slowly
Stop With Discomfort
Potential for Vagus Response
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2 mins
Ileostomy Care
Monitor Skin Breakdown
Drains Continuously
Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance
Low Fiber Diet
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2 mins
Colostomy Care
Wash with Warm Water
Cut 1/8 inch Around Stoma
Decreases Skin Irritation
Empty When 1/3 to 1/2 Full
Change 3-7 Days
Avoid Odor Causing Foods
Irrigate at Same Time
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2 mins

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