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Kstevick1386 Shared "Pregnancy's complications" - 5 Picmonics

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Pregnancy's complications

Maternal or fetal tachycardia
Foul Odor to Amniotic Fluid
Treatment: Antibiotics
Monitor uterine tenderness, contractions and fetal activity
Monitor maternal vital signs & FHR
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Preeclampsia Assessment
After 20 Weeks of Pregnancy
Hypertension > 140/90
Proteinuria or End-Organ Dysfunction
Hypertension > 160/110
Progressive Renal Insufficiency
Vision Changes
HELLP Syndrome
Pulmonary Edema
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Preeclampsia Interventions
Side Lying Position and Bedrest
Magnesium Sulfate
Labor Induction
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Ectopic Pregnancy
Signs and Symptoms
Lower Abdominal Pain
Delayed Menses
Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding
Referred Shoulder Pain
Cullen Sign
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Pregnant Diabetic Patient Interventions
First Trimester
Increase Insulin then Decrease
Second Trimester
Increase Insulin
More Likely to Develop Hypoglycemia than Hyperglycemia
Third Trimester
Double or Quadruple Insulin
Early Delivery
Drastically Decrease Insulin
Monitor Neonate for Hypoglycemia
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