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OnlineMedEd Shared "General Pharmacology - Pharmacodynamics" - 5 Picmonics

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General Pharmacology - Pharmacodynamics

Competitive Inhibition
Reversible Inhibition
Constant Vmax
Substrate Competes With Inhibitor For The Active Site
Inhibition Increases Km
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1 min
Non-Competitive Inhibition
Reversible Inhibition
Substrate Freely Binds The Active Site
Inhibitor Strongly Binds Allosteric Site
Km Constant
Enzyme Has Different Conformational Form
Low Vmax
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2 mins
High Potency Antipsychotic Drugs
High Potency Drugs
Side Effects
Extrapyramidal Symptoms
Short Term
Long Term
Tardive Dyskinesia
Parkinson's-like Symptoms
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2 mins
Low Potency Antipsychotic Drugs
Corneal Deposits
Retinal Deposits
Shared Side Effects
Alpha1 Antagonist Effects
Anticholinergic Effects
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51 secs
Acute Digoxin Toxicity
Clinical Symptoms
Cholinergic (Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea)
Blurry Yellow Green Vision with Halo of Light
EKG Changes
Prolonged PR interval
Decreased QT
Scooping on EKG
T Wave Inversion
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