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Marketing Exam 1

Intro to Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Consumer Behavior
Marketing Analytics
Marketing Tactics
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Evolution of the Marketing Concept
Seller's Market
Production Orientation
Sales Orientation
Buyer's Market
Marketing Orientation
Societal Orientation
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Bases of Segmentation
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Four Segmentation Strategies
Niche Marketing
Micro Marketing
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Select a target market
Do customers’ needs differ enough to warrant the use of market segmentation?
In which market segment(s) should the firm participate?
Does the firm have the resources and skills to compete effectively in the target market?
What is the long-term growth potential of the market segment?
Core competency characteristics
Source of competitive advantage in that it makes a significant contribution to perceived customer benefits
Has applications in a wide variety of markets
Difficult for competitors to imitate
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Value Proposition
Perceptual Mapping
Positioning Statement
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Corporate Strategy
determines scope of business
guides resource deployment
provides overall coordination of functional areas
determines how to use resources to accomplish goals
identifies competitive advantages
aligns activities with company vision
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Consumer Value Delivery Process
Tactical Marketing
Choose the Value
Strategic Marketing
Provide the Value
Communicate the Value
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Strategic Market Plan Elements
Organizational Mission and Values
Marketing Objectives
SWOT Analysis
BCG Matrix
Marketing Strategy
Implementation, Evaluation and Control
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Competitive Advantage
Sources of Cost Reduction
Product/Service Differentiation
Examples of Product/Service Differentiation
Niche Advantage
Operational Excellence
Product Leadership
Customer Intimacy
Positional Strategies
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Balanced Scorecard
Innovation and learning
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The Marketing Environment
Social Changes
American Core Values
Working Women
Component Lifestyles
Changing Trends in Household Structure
Levels of Competition
Porters Five Forces
Consumer Characteristics
Generation X
Generation Y
Baby Boomers
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Business Marketing
Producer Markets
Reseller Markets
Government Markets
Institutional Markets
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Demand for Business Products
Derived Demand
Inelastic Demand
Joint Demand
Fluctuating Demand
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