Michelle Shared "EMT Section 7" - 12 Picmonics

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EMT Section 7

Age 2 Months - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Holds Head Up, But Unsteady
Fine Motor
Tracks Objects to the Midline
Social / Cognitive
Social Smile
Recognizes Parents
1 min
Age 4 Months - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Sits With Support
Rooting Reflex Disappears
Moro Reflex Disappears
Fine Motor
Reaches Across Midline
Turns to Voice
Social / Cognitive
Enjoys Looking Around
2 mins
Age 6 Months - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Palmar Reflex Disappears
Sits Propped Up On Hands
Fine Motor
Transfers Objects Hands to Hands
Raking Grasp
Responds to Name
Social / Cognitive
Stranger Anxiety Develops
2 mins
Age 9 Months - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Pulls to Stand
Starts Cruising
Fine Motor
Three-Finger Pincer Grasp
Holds Bottle or Cup
Starts Sounding "Mama" or "Dada"
Social / Cognitive
Waves Bye
Separation Anxiety
Plays Pat-A-Cake
2 mins
Age 1 Year - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Stands Well
First Steps
Throws Ball
Points to Objects
Babinski Reflex Disappears
Fine Motor
Two-Finger Pincer Grasp
"Mama & Dada"
Social / Cognitive
One-Step Commands with Gesture
2 mins
Age 18 Months - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Climbs Up Stairs
Fine Motor
Stacks Three Blocks
Eats with Spoon
Removes Clothing
10-25 Word Vocabulary
Social / Cognitive
Pretend Play
2 mins
Age 2 Years - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Fine Motor
Copies a Line
Stacks Six Blocks
Turns Pages
Two-Word Phrases
Half of Speech is Understandable
200 Words by Age 2
Social / Cognitive
Parallel Play
Begins Toilet Training
2 mins
Age 3 Years - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Walks Up/Down Steps with Alternating Feet
Rides Tricycle
Fine Motor
Nine Block Tower
Copies Circle
Uses Utensils
Three-Word Sentences
75% Speech Understood by Stranger
Social / Cognitive
Knows Gender / Age
2 mins
Age 4 Years - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Hop on One Foot
Fine Motor
Copies Square
Uses Fork Well
100% Speech Understandable
Identifies Colors
Social/ Cognitive
Cooperative Play
Imaginary Friends
2 mins
Age 5 Years - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Walk Backward
Fine Motor
Copies Triangle
Ties Shoelaces
Independent Dressing / Bathing
Prints Letters
Counts to 10
Five-word sentences
Social / Cognitive
Completes Toilet Training
2 mins
Child and Elder Physical Abuse Assessment
Physical Abuse
Inconsistent Injuries
Delay in Treatment
Various Stages of Healing
Child Abuse
Symmetrical Burns
Sexually Transmitted Infection
Bloody/Torn Undergarments
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Elder Abuse
Poor Hygiene
2 mins
1 and 5 Minutes
Activity and Muscle Tone
Total Scores
Gentle Stimulation
2 mins

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