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Metabolic Acidosis Assessment
Decreased pH < 7.35
Decreased HCO3 < 22
Signs & Symptoms
Abdominal Pain
CNS Depression
Increased Respirations
Kussmaul Respirations
Flushed, Warm, Dry Skin
Muscle Weakness
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2 mins
Respiratory Acidosis
Increased PaCO2 > 45
Barbiturates Depress Central Respiratory Center of Brain
Opioids Depress Central Respiratory Center of the Brain
Airway Obstruction
Respiratory Muscle Weakness/Paralysis
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3 mins
Respiratory Acidosis Assessment
Decreased pH < 7.35
Increased PaCO2 > 45
Reduced Respirations
Change in LOC
Increased Electrolytes
ECG Changes
Muscle Weakness
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2 mins

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