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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Physiological Needs
Oxygen, Water, Nutrition
Body temperature, Elimination, Shelter, Sexual Expression
Safety and Security
Physical Safety
Physiological Safety
Love and Belonging
Affection and Companionship
Self Respect and Respect for Others
Self Actualization
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2 mins
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Re-experience Traumatic Event
Self-destructive Behaviors
Assess Suicide Risk
Actively Listen to Stories
Anxiety Medications
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2 mins
Asian American Culture
Avoids Direct Eye Contact
Conflict Avoidance
Soft Voice Tone
Males Make Most Decisions
Feet Considered Dirty
Hot-Cold Theory of Illness
Soups and Rice After Birth
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2 mins
Arab American Culture
Touch Only When Same Gender
May Request Same Gender Healthcare Provider
Females Avoid Eye Contact with Males
Males Often Make Decisions
Infertility Grounds for Divorce
No Organ Donation
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2 mins
Native American Culture
No Direct Eye Contact
No Organ Donation
No Blood Donation
Strong Handshakes Offensive
Tribal Shaman
Navajo Mother Massage Newborn
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2 mins
Mexican American Culture
May Avoid Eye Contact with Authoritative Figures
Family Involved in Decisions
Emotional Bereavement
No Organ Donation
Curandero (Curandera)
Hot-Cold Theory of Illness
Abdominal Binder after Pregnancy
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2 mins
Religion and Dietary Preferences Overview
Natural Foods of Earth
Cow is Sacred
Islam (Muslim)
Halal Foods
No Alcohol
Kosher Meals
No Pork or Shellfish
Mormonism (Latter Day Saints)
The Word of Wisdom
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1 min
Lab and Diagnostic Tests During Pregnancy
Complete Blood Cell Count
Blood Typing
Rubella Titer
Hepatitis B
HIV Testing
Pap Smears
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2 mins
Age 2 Months - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Holds Head Up, But Unsteady
Fine Motor
Tracks Objects to the Midline
Social / Cognitive
Social Smile
Recognizes Parents
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1 min
Age 4 Months - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Sits With Support
Rooting Reflex Disappears
Moro Reflex Disappears
Fine Motor
Reaches Across Midline
Turns to Voice
Social / Cognitive
Enjoys Looking Around
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2 mins
Age 6 Months - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Palmar Reflex Disappears
Sits Propped Up On Hands
Fine Motor
Transfers Objects Hands to Hands
Raking Grasp
Responds to Name
Social / Cognitive
Stranger Anxiety Develops
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2 mins
Age 9 Months - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Pulls to Stand
Starts Cruising
Fine Motor
Three-Finger Pincer Grasp
Holds Bottle or Cup
Starts Sounding "Mama" or "Dada"
Social / Cognitive
Waves Bye
Separation Anxiety
Plays Pat-A-Cake
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2 mins
Age 1 Year - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Stands Well
First Steps
Throws Ball
Points to Objects
Babinski Reflex Disappears
Fine Motor
Two-Finger Pincer Grasp
"Mama & Dada"
Social / Cognitive
One-Step Commands with Gesture
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2 mins
Age 18 Months - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Climbs Up Stairs
Fine Motor
Stacks Three Blocks
Eats with Spoon
Removes Clothing
10-25 Word Vocabulary
Social / Cognitive
Pretend Play
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2 mins
Age 2 Years - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Fine Motor
Copies a Line
Stacks Six Blocks
Turns Pages
Two-Word Phrases
Half of Speech is Understandable
200 Words by Age 2
Social / Cognitive
Parallel Play
Begins Toilet Training
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2 mins
Age 3 Years - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Walks Up/Down Steps with Alternating Feet
Rides Tricycle
Fine Motor
Stack Nine Block Tower
Copies Circle
Uses Utensils
Three-Word Sentences
75% Speech Understood by Stranger
Social / Cognitive
Knows Gender / Age
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2 mins
Age 4 Years - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Hop on One Foot
Fine Motor
Copies Square
Uses Fork Well
100% Speech Understandable
Identifies Colors
Social/ Cognitive
Cooperative Play
Imaginary Friends
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2 mins
Suicide Assessment
Verbal Cues
Direct (Overt) Statements
Indirect (Covert) Statements
Behavioral Cues
Giving Away Prized Possessions
Sudden Improvement in Mood
Putting Personal Affairs in Order
Lethality of Plan
Detail of Plan
Availability of Means
Proposed Method
Suicide Precautions
Safe Environment
One-on-One Monitoring
No Suicide Contract
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2 mins
Suicide Risk Factors
Previous Attempt
No Support System
Access to Firearms or Medications
Substance Abuse
Physical or Sexual Abuse
Chronic Illness or Pain
Extremes of Age
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2 mins
Anorexia Nervosa Assessment
Adolescent Girls
Fear of Gaining Weight
Excessive Dieting
Distorted Body Image
Decreased Bone Density
Stress Fractures
Diagnostic Criteria
BMI < 18.5
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3 mins

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