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Sara Shared "Med-Surg Lewis 9e Chapter 25" - 7 Picmonics

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Med-Surg Lewis 9e Chapter 25

Types of Burns
Superficial Thickness
Superficial Partial Thickness
Deep Partial Thickness
Little or Non-blanching
Full Thickness
Waxy White, Yellow or Black
Decreased Pain
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Rule of 9's for Burns
Total Body Surface Area (TBSA)
Anterior Torso (18%)
Posterior Torso (18%)
Upper Back
Lower Back
Posterior Leg (each)
Anterior Leg (each)
Each Arm
Genitalia 1%
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2 mins
Stages of Burn Care
Phase / Stage 1
Resuscitative/Emergent Phase
Injury to Return of Capillary Permeability
48-72 hours
IV Fluid Replacement
Phase / Stage 2
Acute Phase
Diuresis to Near Wound Closure
Phase / Stage 3
Wound Closure to Return of Optimal Level
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2 mins
Burns Assessment
Stage and Extent of Burn
Singed Nasal Hairs
Initial Decrease Urinary Output
Paralytic Ileus
Signs of Inadequate Hydration
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2 mins
Burns Considerations
Maintain Body Temperature
Increased Risk of Infection
Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prophylaxis
Curling's Ulcer
Excision and Grafting
Adequate Nutrition
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2 mins
Burns Interventions
Ensure Airway Patency
IV Fluid Replacement
Dry Sterile Dressing
Elevate Burned Limbs
Silver Sulfadiazine
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2 mins
Parkland Formula
Burn victims
24 hours
TBSA% x Weight x 4 = Fluids
x Weight (kg)
x 4
= Fluid Requirement (in first 24 hrs)
Fluids in first 8 hours
1/2 of fluid given in first 8 hours
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