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Surgery: General - Leg Ulcers

Pressure Ulcers
Stage 1 - Non-Blanchable Redness
Stage 2 - Partial Thickness
Stage 3 - Full Thickness Skin Loss
Stage 4 - Full Thickness Tissue Loss
Possible Deep Tissue Injury
Skin Color Alterations
Remove Necrotic Tissue Before Staging
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2 mins
Arterial Ulcer Assessment
Absent or Decreased Pulses
Intermittent Claudication
Sharp Pain
Dependent Rubor
Well Defined Edges
Over Bony Areas
Smooth, Shiny Skin
Toes, Heels, Lateral Lower Legs
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2 mins
Arterial Ulcer Interventions
Saline Dressing
Structured Exercise Programs
Antiplatelet Medication
No Caffeine, Nicotine
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1 min
Chronic Venous Insufficiency (Venous Stasis Ulcer) Assessment
Venous Stasis Ulcer
Uneven Edges
Dull Persistent Pain
Medial Malleolus
Normal Pulses
Lower Leg Edema
Bronze-Brown Pigmentation
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2 mins
Chronic Venous Insufficiency (Venous Stasis Ulcer) Interventions
Frequently Elevate Legs
Avoid Standing/Sitting for Long Periods of Time
Elastic Compression Stockings
Bilayer Artificial Skin
Wound Dressings
Proper Foot and Leg Care
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2 mins

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