Reina Shared "Brachial Plexus" - 5 Picmonics

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Brachial Plexus

Brachial Plexus Roots
C5 through T1
Long Thoracic Nerve
Dorsal Scapular Nerve
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43 secs
Brachial Plexus Trunks
Superior Trunk
Suprascapular Nerve
Middle Trunk
Inferior Trunk
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1 min
Brachial Plexus Divisions
Anterior (Division)
Posterior (Division)
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27 secs
Brachial Plexus Cords
Lateral Cord
Lateral Pectoral Nerve
Posterior Cord
Upper Subscapular Nerve
Thoracodorsal Nerve
Lower Subscapular Nerve
Medial Cord
Medial Pectoral Nerve
Medial Cutaneous Nerve of Arm and Forearm
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1 min
Brachial Plexus Branches
Musculocutaneous Nerve
Axillary Nerve
Radial Nerve
Median Nerve
Ulnar Nerve
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56 secs

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