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Shefali Shared "z5d 5.03Su" - 4 Picmonics

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z5d 5.03Su

Age 4 Months - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Sits With Support
Rooting Reflex Disappears
Moro Reflex Disappears
Fine Motor
Reaches Across Midline
Turns to Voice
Social / Cognitive
Enjoys Looking Around
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2 mins
Resistant to beta lactamases
Binds to penicillin binding protein (PBP)
Inhibit cell wall synthesis
No Activity on Gram-Positives or Anaerobes
Gram-Negative Rods
Non allergenic to penicillin
Synergistic with aminoglycosides
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2 mins
Age 4 Years - Developmental Milestones
Gross Motor
Hop on One Foot
Fine Motor
Copies Square
Uses Fork Well
100% Speech Understandable
Identifies Colors
Social/ Cognitive
Cooperative Play
Imaginary Friends
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2 mins
Plasmodium Specific
Fever Every Three Days
Fever Every Two Days
Duffy Antigen Binding Site
Duffy often absent in Black Population
Primaquine treats dormant form in liver
Most severe
Irregular Cycles
Occludes capillaries in the brain, kidneys, and lungs
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4 mins

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