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Psychology Picmonics

Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development
Sensorimotor (Birth to 2 years)
Preoperational (2 to 7 years)
Concrete Operational (7 to 11 years)
Formal Operational (11 years and up)
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2 mins
Vygotsky's Sociohistorical Theory
Each Person is Responsible for the Progress of the Whole Society
Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)
Level of Actual Development
Level of Potential Development
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2 mins
Psychodynamic Perspective of Human Behavior
The unconscious contains desires that affect what we do
id, ego, and superego
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1 min
Approaches to Intelligence
Sternberg's Triarchic Theory
Gardner's Theory on Multiple Intelligences
Fagan's Theory of Processing
Vygotsky's Sociohistorical Theory
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2 mins
Psychodynamic Theory of Dreaming
Wish Fullfillment
Latent Content
Manifest Content
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1 min
Biological Perspective of Human Behavior
Biology Determines Behavior
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33 secs
Psychosexual Stages of Development (Overview)
Oral Stage
Anal Stage
Phallic Stage
Latency Stage
Genital Stage
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3 mins
Classical Conditioning
UCS (UnConditioned Stimulus)
UCR (UnConditioned Response)
NS (Neutral Stimulus)
CS (Conditioned Stimulus)
CR (Conditioned Response)
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1 min
Psychosexual Stages of Development - Anal Stage
2 to 4 Years
Anal-retentive Fixation
Anal-expulsive Fixation
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1 min
Cognitive Theories of Dreaming
Dreams have important Psychological functions
Problem-Solving Theory
Dreams help individuals solve ongoing problems
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1 min
Psychosexual Stages of Development - Genital Stage
Puberty to Death
Ability to Love Another Person
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38 secs
Fagan's Theory of Processing
Intelligence is Processing
Discontinuity View
Cannot predict later development
Continuity View
Can predict later development
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2 mins
Psychosexual Stages of Development - Latency Stage
6 to 11 Years
Disgust Towards Opposite Sex
Latency Fixation
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39 secs
Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Linguistic (Verbal)
Spatial (Visual)
Body-kinesthetic (Movement)
Intrapersonal (Understanding Self)
Interpersonal (Understanding Others)
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3 mins
Psychosexual Stages of Development - Oral Stage
Birth to 18 Months
Oral Fixation
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41 secs
Major Brain Structures and Functions
Survival Functions
RAS (Reticular Activating System)
Controls Skeletal muscles
Relays audio and visual sensory information
Receives audiovisual sensory input and processes
Autonomic Nervous System
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2 mins
Psychosexual Stages of Development - Phallic Stage
3 to 6 Years
Oedipus Complex
Castration Fear
Phallic Fixation - Male
Electra Complex
Penis Envy
Phallic Fixation - Female
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1 min
Model of Sensation and Perception
Information reaches the perceiver
Sense organ gets information to the receptor cells
Receptor cells engage in process of transduction
Neural impulses in sensory nerves transmitted to brain
Pattern of activity initiated in brain projection area
Other brain areas engage in additional processing
Perceptual experience of the object in the environment
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2 mins
Social/Cultural Perspective of Human Behavior
Behavior is influenced by Social and Cultural forces
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51 secs
Physiological Theories of Dreaming
Activation-synthesis theory
Mental Housekeeping theory
Memory Consolidation theory
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3 mins

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