OnlineMedEd Shared "The Unhealthy Anterior Pituitary" - 6 Picmonics

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The Unhealthy Anterior Pituitary

Sheehan's Syndrome
Postpartum Pituitary Gland Necrosis
Secondary Hypothyroidism with Cold Intolerance
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1 min
Pituitary Adenoma
Prolactin Inhibits Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone
Bitemporal Hemianopsia
Treat with Dopamine
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2 mins
Visual Field Defects - Bitemporal Hemianopia
Visual Field Abnormality
Bitemporal Hemianopia
Both Eyes Outside Vision Loss
Tunnel Vision
Location of Lesion
Optic Chiasm
Suprasellar Compression
Pituitary Adenoma
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1 min
Acromegaly Assessment
Excess Growth Hormone (GH)
Signs and Symptoms
Protruding Jaw
Large Lips and Nose
Hearing Loss
Enlargement of Hands and Feet
Vision Changes and Headache
Joint Pain
Peripheral Neuropathy
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2 mins
Cushing's Syndrome Characteristics
More Common in Women
Exogenous Etiologies
Endogenous Etiologies
Decreased ACTH
Primary Adrenal Disease
Increased ACTH
Pituitary Adenoma (Cushing's Disease)
Paraneoplastic: Small Cell Carcinoma
CRF-releasing Tumors
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2 mins
Remnants of Rathke's pouch
Tooth-enamel like calcification
Cholesterol crystals
Yellow viscous fluid
Bitemporal hemianopsia
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1 min

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