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Pancreatic Islet Tumors

Tumor of pancreatic α cells
Overproduction of glucagon
Diabetes (hyperglycemia)
Declining weight
Dermatitis (necrolytic migratory erythema), typically affects the groin mostly (but also face/extremities)
Blistering and scaling
Glossitis, cheilitis, blepharitis
MEN 1 Association
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Tumor of pancreatic β cells
Overproduction of insulin
Hypoglycemia (tremor, confusion)
Increased C peptide production
10% of cases associated with MEN 1 syndrome
Whipple triad
Symptoms of hypoglycemia (lethargy, syncope, diplopia)
Low blood glucose
Resolution of symptoms after normalization of glucose levels
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Tumor of pancreatic δ cells
Overproduction of somatostatin
Decreased secretion of secretin, cholecystokinin, glucagon, insulin, gastrin
Diabetes/glucose intolerance
Gallstones because somatostatin decreases CCK secretion (decreased gallbladder contraction)
Can be hyperglycemia or hypoglycemic
Achlorhydria (due to inhibition of gastrin)
Inhibiting GI motility
Surgical resection
Somatostatin analogs (eg, octreotide) for symptom control
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