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Dermatology - Papulosquamous

Epidermal Hyperproliferation Keratinocytes
Defined Red Salmon Plaques
Silvery Scales
Extensor Surfaces
Bleeding when Removed
Auspitz Sign
Nail Changes
Histological Finding
Munro Microabscesses
Nucleated Cells in Stratum Corneum
Topical Corticosteroids
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Pityriasis Rosea
Preceded by Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
Single "Herald Patch"
"Christmas Tree" Distribution
Plaques with Collarette Scale
Self-resolving in 6-8 Weeks
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2 mins
Lichen Planus
Mucocutaneous Disorder
30-60 year olds
Signs & Symptoms
Plaques or Papules
Purple & Polygonal
Often Mucosal or Genital Involvement
Wickham Striae
Sawtooth Infiltrate of Lymphocytes
Topical Corticosteroids
Hepatitis C Association
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