Less Stress. More Success.

Successful physician assistant students use Picmonic from the beginning of PA school to master course and exam material early in their journey. Stay on top of classes, review for PA exams efficiently, and easily pass the PANCE.

Effective & Efficient

  • Concise videos (2-5 min)
  • Built-in rapid review quizzes
  • Daily Spaced Repetition quizzes
  • Research-proven exam prep
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Connect Related Topics

  • Designed to help you connect the dots in your head to ace tricky exam questions
  • Use Playlists as study plans
  • Nail the PANCE & PANRE
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Study Smarter

  • Increase test scores 50%
  • Supplement Question Banks
  • Remember hard-to-learn facts
  • Increase retention 331%
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Clinicals & Career Success

Built by healthcare professionals, Picmonic’s entertaining, efficient & effective visual mnemonic learning system sets PA students up for success during classes and clinicals on their way to becoming physician assistants. Retain what you learn through graduation and easily pass the PANCE & PANRE.

Hear Their Stories
Hear Their Stories

Ridiculously Effective

What is a Picmonic?

LEARN - REVIEW - QUIZ. Proven to increase exam scores 50% and boost retention 331%.Learn More >

Customize & Create

Powerful customization capabilities ensure your study resources meet your needs.Learn More >

Study On-the-Go

Play in "offline" mode. Enjoy continuous play of audio in "gym" mode with iOS and Android apps.Learn More >

Cramming Doesn't Work

Picmonic helps you remember more, 331% longer. Our smart spaced repetition learning algorithms automatically adjust to help you forget less and retain more, so you're ready for the PANCE at the end of your journey. Find out how!

"Picmonic helped me in a way I didn’t think possible. The spaced repetition model is the best part. I have been able to retain information better than any other method I have tried. It’s a game changer." –Makeda, Grayson County College

What Students Say


Andrew W.

Picmonic has made my studying so much easier. I am a visual learner, and now that I can picture a crazy funny image in my head to recall major facts, it jogs my memory perfectly. With the high yield information I'm remembering from Picmonics, I'm able to retain just about everything I need to for my exams. I feel so much smarter in my study groups now.

Andrew W.Aurora, Colorado - University of Colorado
Hannah N.

Physician Assistant school can be overwhelming. You are learning the disorders of entire specialties like hematology or dermatology in as little as 2.5 weeks. There is no time for making flashcards. Picmonic makes it easy to categorize and better yet, easier to remember the important info and distinguish between similar disorders. I've even learned info on Picmonic that wasn't covered in my lectures, but was still on the test!

Hannah N.New York - Marist College
Jasmine K.

With short cartoon-style videos jam-packed with up-to-date information and effective memory cues, Picmonic not only saved me from "death by lectures", but it also made learning actually fun again.

Jasmine K.North Chicago, Illinois - Rosalind Franklin Univ of Medicine