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Intelligence Theory

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Psychology | Pre-Health School Study Aid

Intelligence Theory
5 Picmonics to Learn | 11 mins
Approaches to Intelligence
Sternberg's Triarchic Theory
Gardner's Theory on Multiple Intelligences
Fagan's Theory of Processing
Vygotsky's Sociohistorical Theory
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2 mins
Fagan's Theory of Processing
Intelligence is Processing
Discontinuity View
Cannot predict later development
Continuity View
Can predict later development
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2 mins
Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Linguistic (Verbal)
Spatial (Visual)
Body-kinesthetic (Movement)
Intrapersonal (Understanding Self)
Interpersonal (Understanding Others)
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3 mins
Vygotsky's Sociohistorical Theory
Each Person is Responsible for the Progress of the Whole Society
Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)
Level of Actual Development
Level of Potential Development
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2 mins
Sternberg's Triadic Theory of Intelligence
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2 mins

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