Basic Physics

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Physics | Pre-Health School Study Aid

Basic Physics
6 Picmonics to Learn | 9 mins
Newton's First Law
A resting object stays at rest without external force
A moving object stays in motion without external force
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36 secs
First Law of Thermodynamics
ΔU = Q - W
U is Internal Energy
Q is Heat Added
W is Work Done On the Surroundings
Energy is not created
Energy is not destroyed
Energy is only transferred or transformed
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1 min
Photosynthetic Light Reactions
Occurs in thylakoid membrane of chloroplasts
Chlorophylls absorb light and lose electrons
Electron transport chain embedded in membrane
Photosystems II and I transfer electrons
Electrons reduce NADP to NADPH
Electron transport chain creates H+ gradient by pumping protons
ATP Synthase Transports H+ Into the Stroma
ATP Synthase Makes ATP From ADP and Phosphate
Water converted to O2 to replenish electrons in chlorophylls
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2 mins
Flow of Electrons
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2 mins
Direct Current (DC) Battery Supplies Charge
Electrons Flow to Negative Plate
Capacitor Stores Charge
Electric Field from Negative Plate Repels Electrons on Positive Plate
Capacitor releases charge
Electrons Flow from Negative to Positive Plate
Light Bulb is Powered by Capacitor
C = Q / V
C = ε0(A/d)
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2 mins
Momentum is conserved without external forces
Elastic Collisions
Total Kinetic Energy Conserved
Partial Inelastic Collisions
Initial Kinetic Energy > Final Kinetic Energy
Fully Inelastic Collisions
Energy Released as Sound or Heat
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2 mins

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