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PANCE Prep Pearls: 2nd Ed, 2017 | Physician Assistant School Study Aid

Page 244 -
4 Picmonics to Learn | 5 mins

Visual Field Defects - Homonymous Hemianopia
Visual Field Abnormality
Homonymous Hemianopia
Vision Loss - Both Eyes Same Side
Location of Lesion
Optic Tract
Parietal Lobe
1 min
Visual Field Defects - Right Anopia
Visual Field Abnormality
Right Anopia
Complete Vision Loss in 1 Eye
Location of Lesion
Right Optic Nerve
41 secs
Visual Field Defects - Bitemporal Hemianopia
Visual Field Abnormality
Bitemporal Hemianopia
Both Eyes Outside Vision Loss
Tunnel Vision
Location of Lesion
Optic Chiasm
Suprasellar Compression
Pituitary Adenoma
1 min
Visual Field Defects - Anatomy Overview
Optic Nerve
Vision Loss in One Eye
Optic Chiasm
Bitemporal Hemianopia - Both Eyes Outside Vision Loss
Optic Tract
Homonymous Hemianopia - Both Eyes Same Side
Dorsal Optic Radiation
Lower Quadrantic Vision Loss
Meyer's Loop
Upper Quadrantic Vision Loss
2 mins

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