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4 Picmonics to Learn | 9 mins
Macrocytic Anemia Causes
MCV > 100
B12 Deficiency
Folate Deficiency
Orotic Aciduria
Non Megaloblastic
Liver Disease
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2 mins
Hereditary Spherocytosis Disease
Northern Europeans
Autosomal Dominant
Spectrin/Ankyrin Deficiency
Spherocyte Formation
Hemolytic Anemia
Bilirubin Gallstones
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3 mins
Beta Thalassemia
Microcytic, Hypochromic Anemia
Mediterranean Populations
Decreased Beta-Globin
Beta-Thalassemia Minor
Increased HbA2
No Intervention
Beta-thalassemia Major
Blood Transfusions
Crew-cut on Skull X-Ray
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2 mins
Sickle Cell Anemia (Mechanism)
Intrinsic Normocytic Hemolytic Anemia
Point Mutation
Autosomal Recessive
Dehydration or Decreased O2
Newborns Asymptomatic
Heterozygote Malarial Resistance
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2 mins

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