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Paranoid Personality Disorder

Pear-nude Purse-onality Disordered
Paranoid personality disorder is characterized by persistent feelings of suspiciousness and mistrust of other people. Patients with paranoid personality disorder are preoccupied with analyzing social interactions and are constantly suspicious of trusting others without underlying reasons. They are reluctant to confide in others and tend to hold grudges. They misinterpret others' remarks and perceive them as personal insults.
Preoccupied with Trustworthiness of Friends
Examining Trust-worth of Friend-necklace

Individuals with paranoid personality disorder are preoccupied in determining the trustworthiness of others. Since they are unable to trust others, they are constantly "testing" the honesty and intent of others. This constant suspicious causes others to become frustrated and angry. People with paranoid personality disorder may become engrossed with their hostile feelings and experience brief outbursts of aggression and violence. They believe the world is harsh and social interactions must be constantly analyzed.

Pervasive Mistrust of Others
Pear-vase Miss-trust-fall

Since they always suspect that other people are trying to take advantage of them, people with paranoid personality disorder have difficulty trusting others. Their pervasive distrust of others causes them to avoid social interactions in order to maintain a sense of power.

Constant Suspicion
Around-the-clock Suspects

People with paranoid personality disorder are constantly suspicious of other people's intentions. They are hypervigilant while appearing tense and irritable. They believe the world is harsh and requires constant alertness for interpreting others' actions.

Without Evidence
No Evidence-detective

Individuals with paranoid personality disorder are hypervigilant and ready for any real or imaginary threat. Despite lacking evidence and reason, they always feel that others are going to taking advantage of them. They automatically anticipate betrayal from others and react by constantly being defensive.

Reads Threatening Meanings in Benign Remarks
Reading Benign-bunny Remarks as Threatening

Individuals with paranoid personality disorder are extremely sensitive and misinterpret benign remarks as threats against their character. They magnify and distort minor cues in their environment into thoughts of deception.

Reluctant to Confide
Won't use Confessional

Since they tend to mistrust others, people with paranoid personality disorder are reluctant to confide in other people. They develop insensitivity towards other people's feelings and are always on the defensive. They are unable to understand affection and approval of others.

Perceives Attacks on Character
Sees Character under Attack

People with paranoid personality disorder are highly vulnerable and are quick to react to any real or imagined threat against their character. They are constantly defensive and their hostility may lead to aggression and violence.


In order to maintain their self-esteem, people with paranoid personality disorder blame their shortcomings on others. They hold grudges for insults and injuries against other people. Their jealousy causes them to develop hostility against highly successful people.

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