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Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder

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Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder

Obsessed Compulsion of OCPD with Purse-onality Disordered
Obsessive compulsive personality disorder is characterized as being extremely inflexible with rules and behaviors. Individuals are overly disciplined with their workload and unable to adjust their standards. They have great difficulty understanding the perspectives of others and have a strong desire to control situations. By carrying out established standards, they are perfectionists and extremely perseverant in their assignments.
Identity Derived from Work or Productivity
Identity on purse Production

Individuals with obsessive compulsive personality disorder discipline themselves to work diligently and ensure their tasks are completed accurately. Their excessive devotion to work consumes their time. By maintaining a standard of perfection, their behavior is highly polite and formal. They avoid showing emotions, since such display is considered childish. When others show them emotions, they tend to become uncomfortable.

Inflexible Standards
Inflexible Standard-stand for purses

People with obsessive compulsive personality disorder maintain highly inflexible standards and lack spontaneity. Their strive for perfectionism prevents them from adapting to changing situations.

Unable to See or Understand Ideas of Others
Can't See or Hear Others' Ideas

Their controlling attitude contributes to their inability to understand the ideas of others. When interacting with their work subordinates, they may be condemnatory and appear pompous in their viewpoints. They tend to judge others and will consider them frivolous and impulsive.


People with obsessive compulsive personality disorder are controlling and unable to bend the rules. They become frustrated and angry if they are unable to control a situation. When ask to delegate tasks to others, they may be reluctant unless they can ensure the task is done exactly their way.


Individuals with obsessive compulsive personality disorder are perfectionists and focus on organization and efficiency. To achieve perfection, they strive to obtain higher rankings in their job titles. They may refrain from speaking until they are certain whatever they have to say is perfect. Sometimes their level of perfection prevents them from completing the task because they are unable to meet their own strict standards.

Only One Right Way
1 Way My Way

People with obsessive compulsive personality disorder are preoccupied with details, organization, and order. They become so preoccupied with details, rules, and organization that they begin to lose the major point of the task. They believe there is only one right way.


They exhibit high perseveration by continuing with tasks long after the behavior stops being functional or effective. Despite multiple failures, they persist with the same behavior.


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