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Antisocial Personality Disorder

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Antisocial Personality Disorder

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Antisocial Personality Disorder

Ant-tie-social-book with Purse-onality Disordered
Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by socially irresponsible behavior, with disregard for others. Personality characteristics include ego-centrism, disregard for others, self-esteem from personal gain, and lack of empathy and intimacy. They demonstrate antagonistic, manipulative, hostile, and inhibitive behaviors. Diagnosis requires a history of conduct disorder and being over the age of 18.

People with antisocial personality disorder are egocentric and disregard the rights of others. They do not accept social norms and often violate the law.

Disregards Rights of Others
Disregarding Others

Individuals with antisocial personality disorder disregard the rights, wishes, and feelings of others. They will use manipulation for personal gain at the expense of other people. They may exploit others with persistent lying or deceit.

Self-esteem from Personal Gain
Selfie-steam grows from Personal Gain

Experiencing personal gain from their manipulative behavior increases their self-esteem and sense of superiority.

No Empathy
No-sign at Empathy M-path

Individuals with this disorder lack remorse for their actions. They treat others poorly without showing any guilt or remorse.

No Intimacy
No-sign Intimacy In-tea

Establishing stable relationships is difficult for people with antisocial personality disorder. They have an impaired ability to create and maintain intimacy. Their manipulative and aggressive behaviors may lead to abusive relationships.


People with antisocial personality disorder demonstrate antagonism behavior by exploiting and manipulating others for personal gain. They are deceitful in their words and actions without showing any remorse. They show callous indifference to the consequences of their actions.

Manipulates Others

In order to manipulate others, they use charm or wit for personal gain and pleasure. Their ability to manipulate others increases their self-esteem.


They demonstrate hostility, aggression, and violence in order to attain what they want. They do not feel guilty for their actions and prevent them from sustaining meaningful relationships.

Breaking Inhibiting-chains

People with antisocial personality disorder lack inhibitions and have a general disregard for the law. Their risk-taking behavior is described as impulsive and irresponsible and makes it difficult for them to fulfill responsibilities involving family, work, or school. They fail to learn from the consequences of their actions.

> 18 years of age
> 18 year-adult ID

A minimum age of 18 years old with a history of conduct disorder is required to be diagnosed with an antisocial personality disorder. People under the age of 18 demonstrating these symptoms are considered to have a conduct disorder.


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