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Registered Nurse Roles

Nurse with Many Roles
Registered nurses have a variety of different roles that can be seen across all settings. They  play the role of caregiver, communicator, teacher/educator, counselor, leader, researcher, advocate, and collaborator to provide care that addresses all aspects of well-being.

The caregiver role is the fundamental role of the nurse. Caregiving embraces the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of a patient. It supports patient health through facilitating actions that prevent illness, encourage well-being, and promote independence.


The counselling role assists patients in developing the skills to problem-solve and cope. It also allows the nurse to use their communication skills with patients to make suitable referrals and identify teachable moments.


As a teacher/educator, nurses use their assessment skills to identify client's education needs, learning goals and create individualized teaching plans to support well-being.


Communication is essential to all nursing roles. Nurses use communication to build and sustain relationships with patients and other health professionals. Communicators identify client problems and healthcare needs and report these verbally or in writing to other members of the interprofessional team.


Client advocate protects a patient's human or legal rights, as well as their needs and wishes regarding their care.


Leadership can influence others to work together to accomplish a particular goal. Effective leadership in nursing practice is one that is positive, and confident in providing care.


Nurses play a researcher role by seeking out learning opportunities and by educating themselves to improve their knowledge and to enhance patient care.

Collaborating with Team Member

Nurses use skills to communicate, facilitate consistent care, and connect members of the health care team to provide patient care.

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