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Professional Standards of Nursing | Registered Nurse (RN) School Study Aid

Legal Issues
10 Picmonics to Learn | 25 mins

Legal Age: Under Age 18
Parent or Guardian Consent
Emancipated Minor
Emergency Situation
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2 mins
Unions and Collective Bargaining
Protect and Advocate for Members
Decision-Making Process and Negotiation Between Two Parties
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1 min
Rights for the Mentally Ill Patient
Right to Treatment
Right to Refuse Treatment
Right to Informed Consent
Right to Confidentiality
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2 mins
Good Samaritan Law
Good Samaritan Laws
Legal Immunity
No Legal Obligation to Provide Aid
If Providing Aid, Cannot Abandon
Vary State to State
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2 mins
Advanced Directives
Advance Care Planning
Process of Planning for Future Care
Living Will
Instructions about Healthcare
Life-Sustaining Treatments
Level of Comfort Care
Artificial Nutrition and Hydration
Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare
Appointed Person to Make Decisions
Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)
No Attempts to Revive the Patient
Allow Natural Death (AND)
Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST)
Medical Order
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3 mins
Documentation Guidelines
Objective Information
Subjective Information from Patient
Objective Supports Subjective
Avoid Unnecessary Words and Details
Exact Measurements
Document ASAP
Treatment and Response
Change in Status
Admission, Transfer, Discharge or Death
Document in a Logical Order
Ensure Information Recorded is Complete
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4 mins
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Protected Health Information
HIPAA Patient Rights
See and Copy Health Records
Update and Correct Health Record
Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information
How to Receive Health Information
Permitted Disclosure of Personal Health Information (PHI) Without Patient Authorization
Public Health Activities
Law Enforcement
Deceased People
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3 mins
Informed Consent
Key Elements
Names and Qualifications of People Involved
Explanation of the Procedure
Information on Harm that Can Result
Alternative Therapies
Right to Refuse
Nurses and Consent
Nurses May Witness Consent
Student Nurses Do Not Witness Consent
Consent from Legally Authorized Person
Life Saving Procedure Without Consent
Special Considerations
Deaf, Illiterate, Speaks a Foreign Language
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4 mins
Negligence and Malpractice
Failure to Provide Acceptable Care
Anyone Can be Liable
Did Not Carry Out Duty and Patient Was Injured
Must Be a Professional
Not Following Standard of Care
Failure to Communicate
Failure to Document
Failure to Assess and Monitor Patient
Improper Delegation
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3 mins
Patient’s Rights
Patient’s Rights When Hospitalized
Respectful Care
Consent or Refuse Treatment
Continuity of Care
Privacy and Confidentiality
Medical Record Review
Consent or Refuse Part in Research
Health Alternatives
Explanation of Charges and Bills
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3 mins

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