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FEMA Levels of Disaster

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FEMA Levels of Disaster

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FEMA Levels of Disaster

FEMA Agents at a Disaster
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) identified three “activations levels” of disaster that are classified into level I, level II, level III with responses. These events are classified due to the incident’s severity, size, location, and actual or potential impact on public health, welfare, and infrastructure. The nurse’s role in disaster management is to be personally and professionally prepared for such events. When a federal emergency has been declared, the disaster response plan is activated.
Level I Disaster
(1) Wand Disaster

A level I disaster is a massive disaster that results in presidential disaster declaration, with federal, regional and national resources involved. This disaster results in significant damage. This kind of emergency requires full staffing with all emergency support functions activated.

Level II Disaster
(2) Tutu Disaster

A level II disaster is a moderate disaster that will most likely result in presidential declaration of an emergency in addition to moderate federal assistance. This kind of disaster requires mid-level staffing and most, but not all, emergency support functions.

Level III Disaster
(3) Tree Disaster

A level III disaster is classified as a minor disaster with minimal damage, but could still result in a presidential declaration of an emergency. This disaster requires moderate staff, with only specific emergency support functions.

Personal and Professional Preparedness
Personal-purse and Professional-briefcase

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