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Lung Sounds
Lung Sounds - Rhonchi

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Lung Sounds - Rhonchi

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Lung Sounds - Rhonchi

Lungs Stethoscope with Rattle
Rhonchi develops due to airway obstruction, increased secretions, and bronchospasms. Rhonchi can be auscultated near the trachea and bronchi and sound like a low pitched rumbling and gurgling sound.
Trachea and Bronchi
Trachea and Broccoli

Rhonchi can be auscultated over the trachea and bronchi and are more prominent during exhalation than inhalation. They are often heard in patients with chronic bronchitis and typically clear after coughing or suctioning.

Low Pitched Rumbling
Low Pitched bass-drum

Rhonchi lung sounds are a low pitched rumbling or snoring sound that occurs due to obstruction of the large airways.


Rhonchi may sound like a gurgling or rattling sound prominent near the trachea and bronchi that is loudest during expiration than inhalation.

Narrowed Airway
Narrowed Airway

Rhonchi are caused by airway obstructions most often resulting from increased secretions. Narrowed airways can develop as a result of COPD, cystic fibrosis, and pneumonia.

Secretions or Bronchospasm
Secretions and Broccoli-spaceship

Secretions and bronchospasms can cause a narrowing of the airways resulting in the development of low pitched rumbling and gurgling sounds.


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