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Lung Sounds
Lung Sounds - Pleural Friction Rub

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Lung Sounds - Pleural Friction Rub

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Lung Sounds - Pleural Friction Rub

Lung Stethoscope and Pearl Rubbing with Friction
A pleural friction rub occurs near the anterior lateral lung and develops due to rubbing of the pleural surfaces. The sensation of a pleural friction rub is often uncomfortable. This lung sound is prominent during both inspiration and expiration and does not resolve with coughing.
Anterior Lateral Lung
Anteater Ladder Lung

A pleural friction rub can be auscultated over the anterior lateral lung sounding like a creaking, grating sound.

Dry, Rubbing, or Squeaking
Dry Rubber-chicken Squeaky-toy

A pleural friction rub is characterized as a dry, rubbing or squeaking sound due to the pleural spaces rubbing against each other. It is not cleared by a cough.

Rubbing a Balloon with Finger
Rubbing a Balloon with Finger

Upon auscultation, a pleural friction rub should sound like rubbing a balloon with a finger due to the friction created from the pleural surfaces rubbing against each other.

Inflamed Pleura
Pearl In-flames

Pleural friction rubs are produced due to inflammation of the pleura. The inflammation leads to the pleural spaces moving too closely together and rubbing against each other. Pneumonia, pleurisy, and pulmonary infarction can all irritate and inflame the pleura causing a pleural friction rub to develop.


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