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Signs of Pregnancy
Presumptive Signs of Pregnancy

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Presumptive Signs of Pregnancy

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Presumptive Signs of Pregnancy

Presumptive-prism and Pregnant-woman
Presumptive (subjective) signs of pregnancy refers to signs and symptoms that the mother can perceive that resemble pregnancy signs and symptoms. They often allude to a possible pregnancy, but should be further investigated as they could have many causes.

The absence of menstruation is the most obvious and required sign which typically indicates to a female that she may be pregnant. This could also be caused by early menopause, malnutrition or anorexia, endocrine imbalances, anemia, diabetes or medications. Patients who are competitive athletes or under extreme stress often have amenorrhea.


At approximately 12 weeks, patients who are pregnant begin to endure a feeling of fatigue or generalized weakness.

Urinary Frequency
Up-arrow Urine Frequency-wave

Beginning at 6-12 weeks, patients who are pregnant often begin to experience urinary frequency. This is due to the developing fetus causing increased pressure on the bladder as well as an increased circulating blood volume. Meaning more fluid being pushed through the kidneys and elsewhere throughout the body.

Nausea and Vomiting

While nausea and vomiting is a possible symptom when pregnant, these can also occur from a variety of other causes such as gastrointestinal distress.

Breast Changes
Breast Deltas

An increased size and fullness of breasts, along with tenderness or pronounced nipples is a presumptive sign of pregnancy occurring around 6 weeks as the mammary glands begin to enlarge and multiply in preparation for nursing. Keep in mind that women may also experience breast tenderness during menstruation.


Quickening is when the woman starts to feel or perceive fetal movement in the uterus. This usually begins at around 16-20 weeks; however, this can also be a sensation felt from gas or peristalsis therefore, it is categorized as a presumptive sign.


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