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Rhinosinusitis Assessment

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Rhinosinusitis Assessment

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Rhinosinusitis Assessment

Sinus Obstruction
Rhino Man

Rhinosinusitis is caused by an obstruction of the sinuses, typically maxillary sinuses, preventing fluid from entering the nasal cavity. This increases pressure in the sinuses which leads to inflammation and facial pain. It's commonly acute and may be preceded by a viral URI. Common pathogens include S pneumoniae, H influenzae, or M catarrhalis.

Nasal Drainage
Runny Red Nose

Patients may have purulent nasal drainage, nasal congestion, nares may be red and swollen due to irritation, and/or patient may have postnasal drip.

Facial Pain
Frowning Face

Patients may express dull pain or congestion on specific areas of the face corresponding to the infected sinus (frontal, maxillary, ethmoid, or sphenoid).

Lower Forehead
Biting Fly

Pain or tenderness may be reported over the lower forehead, if the frontal sinus is obstructed.

Cheek Pincher

Pain or tenderness may be felt over the cheeks or referred to the teeth if the maxillary sinuses are obstructed.

Nose Pain Bolt

Patients may report pain over the bridge of their nose, if the ethmoid sinus is obstructed.


Patients may feel pain or tenderness behind their eyes if the sphenoid sinuses are obstructed.


Patients may or may not have a severe fever depending on preceding conditions leading to rhinosinusitis. Worsening symptoms including a new fever, headache, or nasal drainage may mean that rhinosinusitis is following an URI.

Persistent Symptoms
Persistent Sammy the Moose

Patients may report symptoms for 10 days or more.


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