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Safety and Security

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Safety and Security

Safety-shield and Security-guard
The second basic need in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs are safety and security needs, and include protection from elements, employment, security, law and order, stability, freedom from fear, and property. Part of safety and security needs have to do with our natural desire for a predictable, controllable environment. Shelter in a safe environment and financial security are examples of this. However, if physiological needs like airway, breathing, circulation, hunger, or thirst become a greater concern, individuals can regress to focus on these more basic needs. A patient’s need for safety and security takes precedence over most other needs other than physiological needs.
Second Basic Needs
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Once an individual’s physiological needs are satisfied, the needs for security and safety become second priority. Examples of safety needs include protection from elements, predictability to daily life, freedom from fear, access to medical care and promotion of well-being.

Physical Safety
Physical Safety-shield

Protection from the elements is the main focus of physical safety. The ability to avoid harm or injury creates the feeling of comfort and gives one a sense of security.

Physiological Safety
Organ-function Shield

Physiological safety does not just pertain to our bodily system working together and keeping one safe, but other systems such as law, stability, order, and freedom from fear.

Financial Security
Money and Security-guard

Part of safety and security needs have to do with our natural desire for a predictable, controllable environment. Safety needs in today's world can manifest themselves as job security, savings accounts and insurance policies.


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