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Erikson’s Theory Of Psychosocial Development - Stage 8 (Older Adult)

Erik's Sons with (8) Ball
Erikson assumes that a psychosocial crisis occurs at each stage of development. Erikson believes psychological needs of an individual conflict with the needs of society during each 8 stages of life. After we have careers and have the opportunity to care for others as adults, it is then time to reflect on our lives, and hopefully feel a sense of fulfillment in what we have achieved. Failure during this stage results in regret, bitterness and despair.
Older Adult (65+ to Death)
Older Adult

Erikson’s eighth stage of psychosocial development occurs from age 65 until death.

Integrity vs. Despair
Integra vs. Despair-sparrow

When reflecting back on life, those who feel proud of their accomplishments will feel a sense of integrity. Successful completion of this stage means looking back with few regrets, and an overall feeling of satisfaction about life. Failure during this stage results in regret, bitterness and despair.

Reflection on Life
Mirror Reflection

This last stage is focused on reflecting back on life. When doing so, a person will likely either feel integrity or despair. If they feel a sense of integrity when reflecting on their lives, they will have gained the virtue of wisdom.


Success at the last and final stage in life leads to the virtue of wisdom.

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